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Some Good News on the Rights of Conscience (Temporary, but Good)

Posted by MDViews on December 18, 2008

Some good news from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today.

HHS issued a regulation protecting the rights of conscience for prolife physicians and pharmacists who will not prescribe for, dispense for, refer for or perform aborion. You can read the details in my previous blog post here. You can read the HHS press release here. The entire regulation (127 pages) is here. This hits home. Close to home. This is an answer to prayer.

The Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) and the American Association of Prolife Obstetricians and Gynecologist, both groups to which I belong, were instrumental in sounding the alarm and flooding Secretary Leavitt’s web site with the rights of conscience arguments when public comments were solicited.

You will here the usual whining and faux shock and concern from the proaborts stating this will deprive women everywhere of needed reproductive services. The proabortion lobby decries this ruling as it codifies what they describe as the “right of refusal” to provide health care, a right no one should be afforded.

The reason for the rule, as I’ve stated before, was the sneak attack by the American College of OB/GYN (ACOG) issuing an “ethics” statement that declared unethical any Fellow of ACOG who did not 1) perform abortions or 2) refer for abortion. That statement was followed closely by the American Board of OB/GYN (ABOG), the group that tests and decides if an OB/GYN is board-certified, stating that all diplomats of ABOG (board-certified OB/GYN’s) would be required to follow the ethics guidelines of ACOG. So by refusing to perform or refer for abortion, an OB/GYN doctor could lose their board certification which is necessary in some hospitals to obtain privileges to practice medicine.

But it will be temporary. Senator Obama has been urged to overturn the ruling as soon as he takes office. The rule takes effect January 19, 2009.  Barack Obama will be sworn in at the 44th president on January 20, 2009.

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Prolifers March On

Posted by MDViews on December 18, 2008

I was reading the web site of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and was struck by the two editorials by Dave Andrusko in the latest issue of National Right to Life News. The first, What the 2008 Election Taught Us and the second, “Thank You, President Bush”, inspire and teach both.

In his first article, if I may summarize, he makes several important points.

First, we are in this for the duration no matter who is president. God calls us to be faithful, not successful. Second, the prolife movement is both idealistic and practical. We want all human life respected and protected, but work hard in the real world. Third, the public will be told our movement is now dead, unneeded and irrelevant, but our movement will never die. We will always keep the moral lamp lit. Fourth, although there is pride in many circles because the US elected its first black president, he is still ardently proabortion and that is horrible blot on his record. Fifth, the election introduced us to Sarah Palin, a prolife woman of steel who gave birth, knowingly, to a baby with Down syndrome, an act totally repugnant to the proabortion crowd.

Well said, Dave.

Then he summarizes the prolife gains made under President Bush including no federal funds for embryonic stem cell research and the passage and Supreme Court affirmation of the ban on Partial Birth abortion. He thanks President Bush for his consistent stand for life, as do I.

So on we go. Know the arguments for life, folks. Speak out in the marketplace, workplace, facebook, blogs, church, sports events. Don’t let proabortion drivel go unchallenged. If need be, buy Randy Alcorn’s book, Prolife Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments. Be informed, be energized. Mostly, be faithful and bring glory to Him.

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Are Catholic Hospitals in North America Prolife? One wonders…

Posted by MDViews on December 16, 2008

As I posted earlier regarding the shame of the National Association of Evangelicals, I can now add a rousing “Here! Here!” from the Catholic Hospital Association. Their head came our with a statement applauding the selection of Tom Dashle for Secretary of HHS and of Mr. Dashle’s hand-picked Planned Parenthood deputy. Both are strongly pro-abortion.

The Catholic bishops are in a bit of a tizzy as pro-abortion people in power in government could lead to Catholic hospitals being forced to do abortions, which runs counter to the rest of the Catholic world and against the word of the pope on this topic. I doubt they expected this praise for the potential destroyer of all that makes a Catholic hospital Catholic!

How far down we’ve fallen!

I would look for the boards of these many Catholic hospitals to suddenly find a merger with a nearby health care system in their best interest, but, they will say, not because of this abortion thing. Oh, but a cost of merging, they will say, will involve some minor policy changes to be more inclusive and tolerant. They won’t come out and say they will start doing abortions. But they will.

I pray that conservative pro-life Catholics will make their voices heard loud and clear to their priests, bishops and Catholic hospital CEO’s! Voices that will sound the call for a pro-life stand!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: As they say on those annoying, late-night infomercials, “But wait! There’s more!” This article also appeared documenting that a Catholic hospital in Canada is already doing 2nd trimester abortions!

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Abortionist Will Never Conclude That Abortion Harms Women

Posted by MDViews on December 15, 2008

I suppose some may be surprised by this. One expects honesty from scientists. One expects medical research to actually reflect truth. One expects researchers would design studies to clearly answer questions asked. One expects scientific research to be free of ideology. One expects valid research to be published regardless of the ideology upheld or refuted.

With most research, I think that is probably true. However, the ideology of abortion does not allow research to be published which would in any way harm the cause of abortion-on-demand. Studies that do show significant harm to women never see the light of day. Why else would there never be found (by pro-abortionists) a long-term harm from abortion? I certainly see the harm in my practice.

The Family Research Council pointed out the bias of the authors involved in another study showing no long-term harmful psychiatric or psychological effects from abortion. There was apparently some harrumphing and bluster from the abortionists involved in the study, probably because they were called out. Of course, the Family Research Council was correct, as was reported here.

John Patrick, MD, a Christian apologist, speaker and philosopher, commented that the average scientific article is read by about six people including the reviewers. The goal of many scientists is to publish papers good enough to make publication but not interesting enough to be read by anyone significant. By doing so, researchers ensure job security and pay raises. Manufacturing data to make the paper look good is therefore quite easy since few read it and even fewer care about it. Also, it may take many years for such faulty research to be discovered. However, should a paper pique someone’s interest enough that it be studied carefully, then challenged and the dishonesty discovered, the scientist is finished. So the trick is to publish papers that go unnoticed and mostly unread.

With abortion, the scientific community does not challenge data that supports the abortion ideology. Pro-abortionists do challenge data that shows harm to women in any way. Rest assured, however, abortion increases the risks of preterm birth, long-term depression and possibly posttraumatic stress disorder. Immediate risks include infection which can be severe and life-threatening, bleeding which can also be severe and life-threatening, injury to the pelvic organs resulting in sterility, pain at the procedure and even live birth in advanced abortion. I have had many tears spilled on my desk by women distraught over “the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.” It’s amazing to me how often the same phrases used.

So do not fear, pro-life friend. You are on solid ground pointing out to pro-abortion people that abortion is a traumatic surgery with negative and sometimes life threatening short-term and long-term sequelae.

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