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Praise for George W. Bush

Posted by MDViews on January 9, 2009

In our depression over the election of pro-abortion president Barack Obama, it is important not to neglect praise for the one who held the advancement of the abortion culture at bay for the last 8 years–President George W. Bush.

Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist, interviewed the outgoing President for magazine. reported on the interview here. President Bush reaffirmed his commitment to life. He acknowledged laws change only when hearts and minds are changed, but felt the cause of life had been advanced during his 8 years in office.

His accomplishments included abortion numbers at historic lows.  He signed bills for the partial-birth abortion ban, the Born Alive Infants Protection Act and the Unborn Victims of  Violence Act. He upheld the Mexico City policy preventing US family planning funds to be used for abortion overseas. He vetoed bills authorizing government funding of embryonic stem cell research. (Embryonic stem cell research is legal and practiced in these United States, but by private or state funds only.) He promoted a cloning ban. He helped see that HHS provides right of conscience rules with teeth to prevent doctors and pharmacists from being bullied into helping the abortion industry. He even tried to help the parents of Terri Schiavo prevent her greedy husband from killing her, but was unsuccessful, tragically.

“I said that I understand good people can disagree on this issue. But as we disagree, let’s keep things in mind: that all life is precious; that a society is strong when it worries about the most vulnerable among us, whether it be those who are elderly, those who are sick, and those who are yet unborn,” Bush said.

As a conservative, I disagreed with much of what he did as President. (I did agree with the war, and still do.) But on this most important issue of life, he deserves my praise and admiration.

God bless you, President Bush. You served your country well.

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Is Prenatal Genetic Testing Justifiable for Prolife Couples?

Posted by MDViews on January 7, 2009

I just finished reading and commenting on a post at Mary Meets Dolly which I found at, one of my favorite sites. Her post is very thoughtful and accurate. She spells out the position of the Catholic church on these issues. She describes genetic testing as a morally neutral activity. Moral culpability rests in the decisions made on the information from the genetic testing. She does take issue with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in which a single cell is removed from a developing embryo to test the embryo’s genetic make up–to see if it passes muster to be implanted. PGD destroys many embryos with the procedure itself, and, if the embryo is not deemed good enough, it gets flushed.


I encourage you to view her blog. She makes a good presentation of these procedures. I appreciate someone taking the time to spell out these categories in terms everyone can understand.

I don’t quite agree that genetic testing is morally neutral, however. For three reasons.

The first, in order to get an accurate genetic diagnosis, either amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS) must be done. The risk of miscarriage from amniocentesis (which doctors try to do earlier and earlier in the pregnancy which increases the risk of miscarriage from the amniocentesis) is about 1/400 depending on which study you believe. Some studies show the rate of pregnancy loss as being much higher. The risk of miscarriage from CVS is about 2%, much much higher.

Why would someone undertake such a risky, invasive procedure when ultrasound (U/S) rarely misses a baby with a serious abnormality and U/S is safe? No risk of miscarriage with U/S. In general, if a baby has an abnormality serious enough to require immediate care after birth, U/S will pick it up. There are exceptions, of course. But their is no in-utero treatment for a genetic problem to justify the risk of miscarriage from the amniocentesis.

I’ve had a patient get the result of her amniocentesis showing a normal baby on the day she miscarried the baby from a complication of the amniocentsis. I’ve had pro-life women undergo prenatal screening (quad screen it is now called–a blood test on mom–no risk to the baby) which returned abnormal, frightening her into amniocentesis which resulted in miscarriage of her normal pregnancy. The quad screen has a somewhat high false positive rate.

So genetic testing is not a benign walk-in-the-park. It carries real risks and should never be undertaken without good evidence that there would be some problem amenable to in-utero treatment or treatment shortly after birth in my view.

Secondly, prenatal diagnosis would disappear from the face of the earth without abortion-on-demand. I’ve read abortionists comments saying exactly that. The number of women who go through the whole process of genetic diagnosis including amniocentesis or CVS, who then find a baby with a handicap and who then choose to continue the pregnancy is very small. (Sarah Palin being an exception, although I do not know if she had an amniocentesis.) The abortion industry is the fire beneath prenatal diagnosis keeping it going. How do you think the March of Dimes “prevents” birth defects?

The third reason is that there is no such thing as “non-directive counseling” which is what prenatal diagnosis clinics are supposed to provide patients if the amniocentesis returns showing a baby with a handicap. I have had patient after patient describe the pressure placed on them by the “neutral” genetic counselor encouraging the patient and her husband to end the baby’s life. And if the patient did not agree to abortion, the genetic counselor would repeat the whole senario thinking the patient was too stupid to understand the correct decision, which was abortion.

So, her post is correct in theory. But the real life result this activity does little but line the pockets of the abortionists.

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