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About my Blog, MDWrites

Welcome to MD Views, a blog about faith, medicine, family and occasionally politics, not necessarily in that order.  The politics here are conservative, the faith is evangelical Christian with Reformed emphasis, the medicine OBGYN with a pro-life perspective and the family is defended in the traditional sense as people related by marriage, blood or adoption.  I’m a sporadic poster to this blog, but try to make my posts worth the read. I’ve written articles for WORLD magazine ( and if you want to read more.

My OB/GYN practice in now located at:  AALFA Family Clinic, 4465 White Bear Parkway, White Bear Lake, MN  55110 ph: 651-653-0062. My hospital practice includes St. John’s in Maplewood and St. Joseph’s in St. Paul.

That’s how I started my “About” page for the last many years. I’m adding to my original “About” page, as I see it is often the most viewed page and I want to argue for my blog.

Some  tell me I should take down my blog and quit writing because my blog shows I am undesirable to patients and potential employers. Also they tell me I’m a lousy writer anyway.


I like to write. If I could define writing, it is thinking on paper (or computer screen, whatever) and it helps me define and clarify my ideas. It forces me to put my jumble of thoughts into some coherent order so reading them makes sense. That sounds easy, but for me, it’s not. It is a challenge!

I have things to say about almost everything, but mostly about pro-life issues, OB/GYN issues, doctor issues, faith and family issues and politics. God placed me in a position to have knowledge of these areas in more than a casual way. I advocate to anyone who reads my blog about the value of life, the traditional family, faith in God–these are the most important topics in the world to me. If I can influence even one person toward a closer walk with God, a pro-life stance or a realization of the value of the traditional family, then my writing is worthwhile.

I’m always flattered when someone reads my blog and likes what I’ve written, but I don’t live and die for a reader’s approval.

Finally, I’m now writing fiction. I’ve always had a vivid imagination and enjoy fiction writing thoroughly. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get published.

So I intend for my blog to stay up. I intend to continue posting from time to time. Thanks for all of you who have read it.

Matt A.

35 Responses to “About my Blog, MDWrites”

  1. MDViews said

    No, sorry, I don’t. But you can go on the American Ass’n of Prolife OB/GYN’s site, They have a list of members by state. You may find someone there.

    Matt A.

  2. Beatriz L. said


    Can you, by any chance, recommend a good pro-life obgyn in the Madison, WI area?
    Thanks in advance. Beatriz.

  3. MDViews said

    Dear Jessica,

    Ian now practicing in White Bear Lake at the

    AALFA Family Clinic
    4450 White Bear Parkway
    White Bear Lake, MN 55441

    I’m the only OB/GYN in the clinic, but am working with wonderful people. The clinic is an easy drive down 35E. I would be honored to welcome you there.

    Matt A.

  4. MDViews said


    Matt A.

  5. Abby M. said

    Hello Dr. Anderson,
    My name is Abby, and I am a high school student interested in the field of OB/GYN. Would it be possible for me to email you some interview questions?
    Thank you,
    Abby M.

  6. Jessica said

    Hi Dr. Anderson,

    I too am saddened to hear of your departure with Fairview. Your calm and caring demeanor were a true blessing during both of my pregnancies. Throughout all of my preterm labor visits, you always made me feel at ease. I appreciated that SO much. I would love to continue being a patient should you practice again in this area, as I’m sure many others would.

    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Jessica Lubo
    Mason (7/05)
    Avery (1/07)

  7. MDViews said

    Dear Hollie,

    I treasure your kind words. My job search continues, but nothing for sure yet.

    I’m glad to hear about your family! How wonderful! I pray you and your family will have a blessed Christmas filled with family, friends, food and thoughtful memories of God’s most precious gift to us.

    Matt A.

  8. Hollie Maloney said

    Dr. Anderson
    I can’t believe my ears, hearing all of this! You are an amazing Doctor/Person! I’m so sorry to hear that you have been treated w/ such disrespect! You know that God is always w/ you and WILL move you into a better place that will honor your beliefs and morals! I do miss you and can’t wait to hear were you start your knew journey.
    BTW Murphy is doing great and is in preschool now
    Sawyer is now 19 months and well lets just say he learns a lot from Big Brother,lol
    Take Care and Merry Christmas to you and your family:)

    p.s.(something that I have writen in my journal, Never doubt the Lord, no matter how hard life gets!!!!)

  9. MDViews said

    Dear Jennifer,

    Returning to Fairview is not an option, unfortunately. I am in search of a practice somewhat close to Fairview Lakes which would allow some of my patients to continue their care with me.

    Thanks for your kind note.

    Matt Anderson

  10. Jennifer said

    Hello Dr. Anderson,

    I too was devastated and confused to discover you had left the Wyoming practice. I figured that there had to be some “politics” behind your unexpected departure. I feel as thought the desision Fairview made was rash and politicly driven without thinking of the patients that you care for. I personally have the highest level of trust in your care.

    I have thought about writing a letter to Fairview requesting they bring you back to Wyoming. Is this alright with you? I hope that many of your patients write in and show how much you mean to our community.

    I will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers and also pray, by the grace of God you are able to come back to Wyoming.



  11. MDViews said

    Thanks for your kind words, Nicole.

    Matt A.

  12. Nicole Drennan said

    Dear Dr. Anderson,

    I can’t say that I have ever been more embarrassed. I was heartbroken to hear of your departure and knew in my heart that you were dealt an unfair hand. If I had another opportunity, I would be out of that situation in a heartbeat. It has now become embarrassing to admit to anyone who I work for knowing what they stand for.

    You are an amazing physician and will not be replaced. You held my hand through the darkest time in my life and pulled my through with your calm, inspirational words. I cannot express all the good you have brought to my life. You have an amazing ability to respect the weight a woman carries on her shoulders, in her head and in her heart. I thank you for every minute you spent looking me in the eye and listening to my issues. My entire family was devastated to hear that you were no longer practicing at Fairview. We are all anxiously awaiting your next move, so we can support and follow you:) Please keep us posted.

    Much respect,

  13. MDViews said

    Dear MacKenzie,

    Thank you for your kind words. I upset Fairview with a talk I gave on the Oath of Hippocrates. It was offensive to Fairview, so I was surprised that, without warning I was told to resign or be dismissed. I had little choice, so I am now unemployed and looking for work. When I find a new position, I’ll make it known here on my blog, most likely. However, there are very few OB/GYN jobs in the cities so I may not be close to Wyoming, much to my disappointment. This situation is not secret, so share this, if you wish. My e-mail is matt8152@comcastnet.

    God bless.

    Matt A.

  14. MacKensie Kosloski said

    Dr. Anderson-
    I was deeply saddened the other day to recieve a letter from the OB/GYN office that you were no longer with the practice. I’ve heard “hear-say” as to why you are no longer with Fairview, I want you to know I am praying for you and God’s direction on this new path. I pray your future is still in the medical community and I would like to follow you where ever you end up, I just might not be done with babies after all and would trust your calm demeanor and gently spirit to guide me on the path God chooses for our family. Please do let me know if you continue to practice. Many Blessings to you!!

    MacKensie Kosloski (husband Mark)
    Son, Drew, 5-19-08
    Son, Brayden, 6-13-10

  15. MDViews said

    I tried your email without success. I would be happy to oblige your request.

    Matt A.

  16. MDViews said

    Thanks for the invitation. I’ll probably stay on my own site. I know there are many EMR vendors, not all have the problems I have described (I guess). I work with the software that has about 50% of the installs in the country used by many large health organizations in hospitals and outpatient clinics. I describe the software I use and everything I said in my article is true. Since this software is used by so many doctors and hospitals, I suspect many others have noticed the same thing.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Matt Anderson

  17. Dr. Anderson,

    Your “Broken Record” article, sparked quite a bit of interest on You can check it out here

    In case you are not familiar with emrupdate, it is a fairly unbiased and very large forum of mostly physicians with some vendors, IT guys and consultants, discussing EMRs, Healthcare IT and health care in general.

    Disclosure: I am a reader\contributor of emrupdate and have no vested interests other than having interesting discussions…

  18. MDViews said

    Yes, you can read it at

  19. Didaskalos said

    Matt, do you have a link to your testimony about serving a residency in an Iowa abortion clinic? I remember reading it, but I didn’t bookmark the address. Thanks.

  20. Kennethos said

    Re, #14 # 15:

    I saw your blog, via, and am enjoying your posts! However, I must respectfully disagree regarding chiropractic medicine. I’ve seen a chiropractor, for back pain, and it’s entirely medical in nature, i.e. X-rays, back adjustments, and the like. Nothing Eastern mysticism about it, and in discussing it, we’ve agreed that those who go the “flow of energy” root are quacks.

  21. MDViews said

    Dear John,

    I agree. Chiropractic is a practice based on Eastern mysticism and the “flow of energy” though the body. Impaired flow of energy is corrected by chiropractic adjusting supposed impediments to this energy flow by correction of ‘subluxations’, which seem to be seen only to them. My opinion. Many people including some Christians disagree. I am quite comfortable with my stand.

    Thanks for asking. Forgive my late response.

    Matt Anderon

  22. John McLawhorn said

    Hi I read your article Hidden Pain in World magazine. Thank you for speaking to that issue. I was wondering what your opinion on chiropractic medicine is. I have christian family members and friends who visit chiropractors regularly, but I am skeptical of the practice. It seems to have roots in eastern spirituality and that’s what mainly concerns me. Thanks for your input as a doctor and a believer.
    John McLawhorn
    Raleigh, NC

  23. I wanted to thank you for your blog. I am a Christian nurse, PhD student, mom, pro-lifer, and survivor of some pretty awful medical conditions of late. I recently went through an ectopic pregnancy and was amazed at the callousness and unwillingness of my physicians and other caretakers to respect and support my decision to continue a very risky pregnancy. You might enjoy reading what little I was able to type about it at my blog, I haven’t been able to process it from an emotional standpoint much as of yet, having just lost the baby last week.

    Your stand for Christ and for life in such a dark medical culture is encouraging.
    Genevieve Thul, BSN, RN, Doctoral student

    Allan E. Parker, President, The Justice Foundation
    May 2009


    Leviticus 5:1 states: “If a person sins because he does not speak up when he hears a public charge to testify regarding something he has seen or learned about, he will be held responsible.” (NIV)

    This imposed an obligation on all citizens to answer a call by a court to come forward when testimony was required. It is still the basis of our Judeo-Christian law that can compel a witness through the subpoena power to come to court and testify against their will.

    During Holy Week, Jesus was mostly silent when false witnesses testified against him. But finally the High Priest said to him, “I charge you under oath by the living God: tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God.” “Yes it is as you say”, Jesus replied.” Matthew 26:62-63. Jesus had to answer this public call for testimony or he would have sinned by violating Leviticus 5:1.

    On April 18th, 2007, Justice Anthony Kennedy writing for the U.S. Supreme Court, writing for the majority, issued what I believe is a public call for testimony on the issue of abortion in America. I believe that his public call for testimony is a challenge under Leviticus 5:1 to the entire Church and prolife community in America. The pro-death, pro-abortion organizations in America are responding to his call. What will be the response of the Church and the Pro-Life Community?


    In Gonzalez v. Carhart, April 18, 2007, Justice Kennedy, while upholding the federal ban on partial birth abortion, wrote the following:

    “Respect for human life finds an ultimate expression
    in the bond of love the mother has for her child. …
    Whether to have an abortion requires a difficult and
    painful moral decision.”

    “While we find no reliable data to measure the pheno-
    menon, it seems unexceptionable to conclude some
    women come to regret their choice to abort the in-
    fant life they once created and sustained.”
    See brief for Sandra Cano, the former of “Doe” of
    Doe v. Bolton et al as Amici Curiae [This is The
    Justice Foundation brief citing 180 Operation Outcry
    women hurt by abortion testimonies.]
    “Severe depression and loss of esteem can follow.”
    See ibid.”

    In layman’s terms, Justice Kennedy is making two important points. First, he is calling abortion “a painful and difficult moral decision.” Whose job is it to teach morality to America? I believe it is primarily the Church’s responsibility. Therefore, Justice Kennedy is calling on the Church of America to teach morality to its citizens. Second, he is acknowledging some women come to regret “their choice to abort the infant life they once created and sustained,” based on the testimonies that he received from The Justice Foundation. “Severe depression and loss of esteem can follow.” Note that Justice Kennedy is using the term “infant life,” – not “fetus” or “potential life” as in prior decisions. He admits that severe depression and loss of esteem can follow abortion.

    He makes his public call for testimony when he writes that he “finds no reliable data to measure the phenomenon “of [post-abortion trauma]. In other words, Justice Kennedy is asking us: “How many women in America are hurt by abortion? Is this a widespread problem? Do pastors and counselors, friends, scientists, medical and mental health professionals know of women hurt by abortion?”


    The Court has framed the issue for the nation. The pro-abortion side of the debate is already responding to Justice Kennedy with biased reports.

    The most important question now is: “How will the Church and the Pro-Life Community respond?” We must gather the testimony that Justice Kennedy is requesting: How many women are hurt by abortion in America? The most effective method for getting this information to Justice Kennedy is through the declarations of The Justice Foundation’s project, Operation Outcry. These legally admissible testimonies have already proven their effectiveness because this is the testimony that was cited by Justice Kennedy for the unexceptionable conclusion that some women come to regret their abortions and suffer severe depression and loss of esteem. He is asking for more testimonies like these.

    The Justice Foundation cannot do this alone. We can be a mechanism for the collection of the evidence but we must call upon all members and all segments of the Church and Pro-Life Community to help us reaching the hurting women who can provide this evidence for Justice Kennedy. You can use our website to collect the declarations. By completing the simple online form women can tell their story in a legally admissible format while The Justice Foundation protects their identity. Would you become a part of answering the call that Justice Kennedy has issued to America? As goes America, so goes the world.

  25. Hi Matt,

    No, I don’t mind if my comments are published. I just wasn’t sure about whether this would be the appropriate place for discussing an article. So if you decide not to publish it, would you be open to responding to me privately?

    You had written an article in the August 15 issue, entitled, “A Grief Conserved”. In the article, you had talked about a program which cares for the families of those who have miscarriages and/or stillborn children. I would like to know how to contact the program, in order to offer some small donations.

    This would be inconsistent amounts of money. I make memorial keepsakes from funeral flowers, and I have committed to the Lord that I would donate 10% of every order to grief programs, such as GriefShare and others like the one you mentioned in your article.

    I’m a believer who has lost a child — not in the same way as those in “A Grief Conserved”, but in a sudden and dramatic way. If you would like to read my story and find out why I am writing this, you can read it here:

    Thank you for considering my request.


  26. MDViews said

    Dear Charlene,

    I filter all blog comments, so if you don’t want what you’ve written as a comment published, let me know. I’d rather do my blog traffic on my blog, not my e-mail.


    Matt A.

  27. Hi Matt,

    I had written to you about a month ago regarding an article in World Magazine. Would you get back with me via email?



  28. MDViews said

    Dear Carmen,

    Thank you for your comments on my weak attempt to highlight the anguish of post-abortion pain. To stand for life is not tilting at windmills, but rather a real attempt at helping those so traumatized and at stopping this daily, “safe and legal” evil.

    Thanks for commenting. Enjoyed your blog.

    Matt A.

  29. I just read your article “Hidden pain” on and thought I would let you know that I really appreciated reading that perspective. I think if there more of a spotlight given to the feelings and emotions of post-abortive women it would force voters to reconsider the implications of this practice.

    Thank you for your insight,

  30. MDViews said

    I offer genetic testing, making it clear the purpose of the test is to look for a baby with a handicap so the woman can abort if she chooses. Less common reasons would be to prepare for a baby with a handicap. The medical community is never that clear. They assume people know the reason, but most really do not. They hear from their doctor, “You need your quad screen at 15 to 18 weeks,” with no other explanation, or “We’ll do an U/S at 11to 13w5d to make sure everything is OK,” never being truthful about the reasoning behind the test. It is onerous and somewhat startling to patients to hear someone say, “look for a baby with a handicap to abort it if you want.” Evil thrives in ambiguity. I leave no ambiguity. Interestingly, less than half of my patients opt for genetic testing when presented with the information in such a straight-forward manner. Almost all pro-life woman decline the testing.

    You can argue that offering genetic screening is tantamount to doing the test and encouraging abortion. It is not. I make it clear to my patients that life is valuable in my judgment and that I value life, even and especially life with a disability. Often, it’s the first time a patient has heard that–from anyone! If I get a patient back after a test asking for advice on what to do, I always direct the patient for life. As an OB/GYN, should you choose not to inform your patient of the availability of testing, you could be sued for “wrongful life” should the patient deliver a handicapped child which could have been discovered prenatally. Sad, I know.

    My “However” was meant to convey the cost standing of standing for life, even with laws purportedly protecting us. Laws are only as effective as the lawyers and judges administering them. We will be persecuted for a pro-life stance.

    That, however, does not discourage me. My ultimate arbiter is above Obama’s pay grade. I long to see the glory of God and hear His approving words, not the approving words of man.


  31. Med Student said

    Thanks for the comments. It’s nice to hear a pro-life perspective to the OB community.

    Just some quick questions:

    You wrote:
    “Regarding genetic testing, offering a genetic test to someone is something I do, but I make it clear the point–looking for a baby with a handicap to abort if desired.”

    I was a little confused by this statement. Do you mean you offer the tests but clarify to your patients that their purpose is not for the results to be meant to be used in the decision to pursue an abortion?

    Also, you ended on “However”, was there anything else you were going to add that got cut off?

    Thanks again for the helpful information.

  32. MDViews said

    Glad you stumbled here! OB/GYN will place you squarely in the battle for life, whether you want it to or not.

    You are not required to refer for abortion–ever. Even in your residency program. Such a statement may surprise or even shock, because you already know from medical school that patient autonomy trumps all other ethics, or so you have been told. Patient autonomy means, what a patient wants, a patient gets. The physicians “feelings” or “beliefs” don’t matter and should never be brought up. If you cannot in good conscience provide the requested service (it’s always abortion, birth control or euthanasia), then you must promptly refer to someone who will.

    If you read through my blog, I discuss these issues in several posts. ACOG calls us (prolife doctors) unethical for refusing to perform or refer for abortion. But you are not unethical. You can stand your ground. There are laws to protect your right of conscience.

    I would encourage you to go to the American Assn of Prolife OB/GYN’s ( and the Christian Medical Dental Assn ( to find detailed discussions of these issues.

    Regarding genetic testing, offering a genetic test to someone is something I do, but I make it clear the point–looking for a baby with a handicap to abort if desired. Some patients just want to be prepared for a baby with a special need. In the new issue of WORLD magazine coming out in a few days (, I’ve written an article on perinatal hospice which deals with this issue as well.

    I would encourage you to go into OB/GYN. We need doctors who will stand for life!

    Matt A.

  33. Med Student said

    I just stumbled onto your website. I am currently a 4th year medical student interested in pursuing a residency in OB/Gyn. I am in the process of getting my residency applications in order and although I really enjoy aspects of the field, the abortion issue still gets to me.

    As a practicing OB, would I still be required to refer patients for abortions if they wanted them?

    What is your view on the various prenatal tests such as quad screen etc? I feel uncomfortable at times knowing that the results of these tests can lead a patient in having an abortion.

  34. MDViews said

    I’m not familiar with any doctors in Eden Prairie, sorry. You could check the Christian Medical Dental Assn web site at You may find help there.

    Matt A.

  35. Rev. Dr. Gene Sipprell said

    I am looking for a Christian family doctor in the Eden Prairie area of MN can you help me find one? In Christ, Gene

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