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Story Time

Posted by MDViews on December 28, 2014

When I was in grade school, our newspaper published a story one chapter a day for about three weeks. I guess it would be called a novella these days. Our teacher would read it to the class every day before lunch. We’d all be on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what came next.

I do some fiction writing. I’ve had a flash fiction piece published and actually made money on it. It’s my only published fiction. But learning the craft of fiction writing is not an easy task. It takes thought, work, planning and a grasp of prose and the human condition. You know you’ve written good fiction when the reader is so engrossed in the story that he or she doesn’t even think of the writing. In other words, the story takes over. No typos, poorly constructed or confusing sentences, no confusion about the point of view, no grammar errors like moving from past tense to present tense for no good reason and no boring, over-bearing descriptions of details not crucial to the story. Every word counts.

I’m not that good, but, I’m close, I think.

So, I think I’ll post some stories for you to read. Some are Christian. Some are stories with Christian themes, but not overtly evangelical or gospel oriented. Themes like redemption, forgiveness, mercy, hope, courage, perseverance and love.

I hope to post something weekly. If I post a novel, it will be one chapter a week.

I’m going to start with a flash fiction piece called, “The Blather and Claptrap of Christmas.” Flash fiction is a short, short story, usually 1,000 words or less. This one is a little over that. Hope you enjoy it.

Matt Anderson

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