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Flash fiction? What in the world it that?!?!

Posted by MDViews on January 20, 2014

Dear Reader,

Flash fiction is a short story. A short, short, short story. Depending on the magazine or e-zine or whatever or whomever publishes the piece, Flash Fiction can vary in length, but think, “short.”

Why bring it up? Because, I wrote a piece for publication in the flash fiction magazine, Havok, which comes out with its premier issue today, January 20, 2014. It’s a 1,000 words story with a Christian world view but in the genre of “Speculative Fiction” which is fantasy, sci-fi, steam-punk, cyber-punk or horror. (Yes, I had to look up ‘steam-punk’ and ‘cyber-punk,’ too.) My story is fantasy.

Havok is part of the Splickety Magazine family which now includes Splickety, Splickety Love and Havok.

Can a Christian write fantasy or sci-fi and be okay? Think Clive Staples Lewis for the answer.

I don’t have the web site for Havok yet, but when I do, I’ll include it. Maybe later today.

Matt Anderson

To buy (Yes, you have to buy it. The digital version costs all of $1.99.), click here.

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