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Christian Medical Dental Association’s Annual Meeting

Posted by MDViews on April 29, 2012

I just returned from the Christian Medical Dental Association’s (CMDA) annual meeting tonight. CMDA is a  wonderful group of Christian docs and dentists who are amazing, just amazing. They are solidly pro-life and on the front lines of the culture wars concerning abortion and especially, rights of conscience.

But more than that, these are humble individuals who are committed to true medicine–medicine for the right reasons–for God reasons. They support the tenants of the Hippocratic Oath and live out those tenants every day. Their members have spanned the globe providing gratis medical skill and care in remote areas of the world. CMDA was the primary mover in establishing the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) and through it, have established six surgical residency programs in mission hospitals in under-served areas of Africa training nationals and others in the surgical arts. (I would encourage you, dear reader, to go to their web site at to learn more about CMDA and what they do.)

Mostly, however, CMDA members are committed to serving Christ through the medical role God has given them. They provide outstanding medical care as one would expect, but more than that–more than that–they point people to Christ, the great physician, as the one to save their souls.

This is not altruism to get a warm and fuzzy feeling, to impress the folks back home with your tales of bush medicine, to seek recognition by peers and others, but unselfish service to help heal the patient’s body and minister to the patient’s lost soul, all for the glory of God.

For the glory of God. I need to write that again. For the glory of God. Because God is worth it. God is the gospel. God is all.

Dear reader, because of God, I draw my next breath. Because He showed Himself to me as the glorious King of the universe, a glorious King who gave His own life so that my sin could be counted as righteousness, I can worship Him and bring glory to Him as He deserves and will worship Him for eternity in heaven when my life here ends.

In the old testament, Moses asks God in the burning bush whom he should say sent him to the Israelites. God said to tell them I AM has sent you. I AM.

Think of it. He calls himself, I AM. God just…IS. From before time began and long after time ends, He just IS. He is never not. I AM has sent you. One can ignore him, curse him, hate him, marginalize him or know and care absolutely nothing about him..but that doesn’t change the fact that He just…IS.

Death stalks us all, and when our bodies fail, we will know the truth of that… that God just IS. And, at that moment of truth, we will know so much more. We will know that an accounting is due, an accounting so severe, everyone will fail. No one will pass. Unless, unless you have seen His glory, felt the horror of your sinfulness, grabbed His forgiveness with all your might and answered His call to become His child.

Lest you think me over the top as a doctor, be assured we are more than a collection of molecules and chemical reactions. We are the pinnacle of God’s creation and, as Thomas Syndenham, MD said, are “no mean creature” being made in God’s likeness. God gave us each a soul, a soul that will go on forever.

So, as important as “doctoring” is to repair and heal the physical body for these 70 some odd years (and it IS important–good doctoring, that is), it pales in comparison to losing the soul for eternity.

I hope to post more at another time about some of the speakers I heard, especially David Stevens, MD on rights of conscience and Rico Tice on the theology of suffering.

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