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Matthew Anderson, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Twin Cities, AALFA Family Clinic, 4465 White Bear Parkway, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, Ph: 651-653-0062

Posted by MDViews on February 26, 2011

It’s where I am if someone wants to take the effort to look me up.

Matt Anderson

28 Responses to “Matthew Anderson, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Twin Cities, AALFA Family Clinic, 4465 White Bear Parkway, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, Ph: 651-653-0062”

  1. MDViews said

    One who cares, basically. Ask family and friends where they go and like their doctor.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Matt Anderson

  2. hayley said

    Hey dr. Anderson. So my name is hayley marie myers. I am 21. And when you worked in burlington iowa you delivered me. My moms name is michelle. You probably dont remember but now I am pregnant and would love if you could deliver my child. However, I live in northwest iowa so I was wondering if u could tell me what to look for in a good ob

  3. MDViews said

    Hi Alexis,

    So glad to hear you are considering OB/GYN for a field! Are you in medical school now?

    My favorite thing of all is the newborn cry. My least favorite thing is being up most of the night and working the next day. That’s just hard, but happens rarely. The rest is all good, from surgery to office to obstetrics, to infertility surgery.

    I don’t prescribe birth control or refer for abortion and practice in a pro-life clinic. (Yes, one exists.)

    I wish you well in your endeavors.

    Matt Anderson, MD

  4. Alexis O. said

    Dr. Anderson, you may not remember me but you have been my mom’s doctor for many years and you delivered my little brother Eldon. I just wanted to get in contact with you because I have had some questions regarding your profession because I want to go into the ob/gyn field. I wanted to know what are your 2 favorite things about your job, 2 things you don’t like so much, and any tips. Thank you so very much!

  5. MDViews said

    Dear Anne,
    You give me more credit than I deserve, but thank you for your kind words. I would be happy to see you here!
    Matt A.

  6. Anne Long said

    Oh, Dr. Anderson, I found you! I get tears in my eyes reading all these wonderful comments and knowing just how true they are. You are absolutely called to be an OB doctor. I was so blessed to have you as a doctor for my second baby. I pray I see you again soon! I think and pray for you often. You are #1 doctor in my book! Thank you for leading people to the Lord from your office. Seek God wherever you are and share His message! ~Anne

  7. Larry Zieske said

    Dear Matt, I’m sending a FAX to your office about this years Founders Day dinner. Sorry I’m so bad about keeping Numbers & emails straight. Sincerely, Larry Zieske

  8. MDViews said

    I’m glad you enjoyed the article and pray thankful hearts and souls filled your day.

    Matt A.

  9. Anne Marie said

    Well, Dr. Anderson, it looks like many people are just as happy as I am to have found such a wonderful and caring doctor! I spent some very interesting time reading your blog and also truly enjoyed the Thanksgiving article from World you shared with me yesterday. Thank you. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Anne Marie Draganowski

  10. MDViews said

    Good to hear from you. Children are a gift. I pray you conceive soon.

    Matt A.

  11. Kathryn Johnson said

    Dr. Anderson,

    So good to have found you. Sorry to hear about what happened in Wyoming. I’m not pregnant yet otherwise I’d be in to see you. Still working on it. The girls are doing great, hope your family and grandchildren are well. I look forward to seeing you (hopefully sooner rather than later). It’s nice I called you clinic and an actual person answered the phone. Such a nice change from before.

    Kathryn and Patrick Johnson

  12. MDViews said

    Dear Jenny,

    Glad you found me. I can explain what happened and why when I see you in the office. Thanks for your kind words.

    Matt A.

  13. Jenny said

    Hey Doc. That’s what I called you. I was so very sad when I hears the news. It was right after my hysterectomy I called for a follow up appt. They told me you were gone. I burst into tears and begged why? They were very monotone which left me very discouraged. I have been googling you ever since. I found you. What a blessing. I plan to make an appt asap.

  14. MDViews said

    So glad to here from you! Twins! How exciting! I was so sorry to leave Fairview. I gave a talk to the medical staff that was poorly received–I hope to explain more at a later time. I now practice 17 miles south of Fairview Lakes as you can read on my blog. I will pray for a healthy outcome for Amy and your two new additions! And, I miss talking green and yellow with you, too. Keep your oil changed and your blade sharp! My love to you both. Matt A.

  15. Ryan & Amy Anderson said

    Dr. Anderson!!! So great to find you!! Amy and I were very bummed when we received the letter from Fairview that you were no longer there, with no details. I supposed they can’t give any. Well, glad to find you, just like everyone else on here. Unfortunately, we are finding you too late. We have Fraternal Twins coming in August so we had to move on and find someone. We like our new Dr. but that doesn’t change how much we miss you (I can’t talk John Deere tractors with her at our Dr. Visits). Would love to get back in touch even just to continue our friendship. Please drop us an email. God Bless!! Ryan, Amy, Graham, Peyton & Henry Anderson.

  16. MDViews said

    Glad you found me. I’ll look forward to seeing you. Matt A.

  17. Kelly said

    That’s great news!!! Now I can have another baby ; )

    I’m going to call Fairview and tell them to remove my contact information from their database and ask them to have all of my records forwarded to your new office.

  18. MDViews said

    Thank you for the kind words. Matt A.

  19. Karen said

    I also was VERY dissapointed when I went to schedule an appointment at Wyoming and found out Dr. Anderson was not there. SO THANKFUL I also found you! There is GREAT comfort in going to a Doctor who shares the same values of LIFE and who really cares about you. After my appointment yesterday I was truly discouraged about the Doctor I ended up seeing. Today I am VERY encouraged I now know where I can go to get EXCELLENT care!! Thank you so much!!!

  20. I saw Dr.Anderson at his new clinic and its sooo great that your back practicing. Over the years of having you as a doctor even having to drive 35-40 minutes, its so worth it! I had to tell all my friends on my websites, and facebook were your practicing and everyone is soo happy! My friend, Brooke who worked with you in OB for five years says hi!

  21. MDViews said

    Dear Becky,

    If I can ask, what letter did you received and when?


    Matt Anderson

  22. Becky Osland said

    Hi Dr. Anderson-

    Glad to have found you! We have been wondering what happened since getting the letter about the news. Michaela is one year old in two days! Can’t believe it! Unfortunately I’m still dealing with my pain issues. May need to come and see you again! Hope you are well!

    Becky, Ken, Tony, Kennedy & Michaela Osland

  23. MDViews said

    Your kind words are more effusive than I deserve, but appreciated nonetheless. I pray God will bless you and your family.

    Matt A.

  24. This made my day! Seriously…As I stated above I will definitely be keeping you as my glad you did not retire. I agree with everything Cathleen said about you. I first met you when I was in the ER 4 years ago with an ectopic pregnancy and you were so caring and compassionate and sat with us while I cried, and I knew right then and there that we would continue to see you. You delivered my son, Brock who is now two and I had a complicated pregnancy as well. My husband and I are hoping and praying we are able to have more children in the future and couldnt imagine anyone else delivering future babies! Anyways, thank you for being by far one of the best doctors I have ever had, and truly caring for your patients!

  25. MDViews said

    Thank you for your kind words. Glad your family is so dear and growing. I pray God continue to bless your family.

    Matt Anderson

  26. Cathleen Schmainda said

    Dr. Anderson 🙂 I’m SO happy to have found you! I’m not sure if you remember me, but you were my OB for my last 3 babies… all preemies (33 weeks, 34 1/2 weeks & 30 weeks) – I delivered the last one in St. Cloud, and as he (Lars) spent 6 weeks in the NICU there, I did my OB follow-up there with a NP who is also a friend of mine.

    I’m VERY glad you didn’t retire as I was told you had when I called to make a check-up appointment. I’ve referred a couple people to you, and a girl that works for us (Brittany) will be calling you tomorrow to schedule an OB appointment as well.

    After having 5 children, you were the ONE doctor that I have come to completely trust. I remember coming to see you for a weekly visit so many times full of worry about having preeclampsia so bad. I also remember leaving your office KNOWING that I’d be ok… and that you would take care of me. I think that’s missing from SO many doctor/patient relationships… every other clinic visit with every other doctor was as sterile as any business transaction. They weren’t personal. They were clinical and short, and never involved anything “personal” from either party. I never got that from you – not once.

    When I came into your office only 3 months after my 4th child was born I was in tears as I learned I was pregnant again. You listened and completely understood what I was feeling – and then I listened as you shared with me a story of a patient who learned she was pregnant 16 years after she had her last child. You were amazing, and always one step ahead of my preeclampsia. As a result of YOUR care, all my babies are completely healthy as am I.

    I guess I want to say THANK YOU for everything – I’ve thought of you often in the 16 months since I delivered my last baby and wondered how you’re doing. I hope life is treating you incredibly well and that you love having your own practice. You can count on me to once again become a patient!



  27. MDViews said

    Yes, It’ where I now practice. Thank you for your kind words. Matt A.

  28. Lindsay J said

    Is this were your doctoring now? I was so bummed out when I found out you were no longer @ wyoming. It was so hard trying to find an obgyn that even compared to you! Someone that cares 100% about their patients. So if this is were your at, I will definietly keep you as my obgyn and will no longer have to search for a new one!

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