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A Pro-Life Clinic. Who Knew?

Posted by MDViews on February 26, 2011

My OB/GYN career has now turned again. After 22 years of private practice in Iowa and nearly 7 years of corporate employment with a large medical system in Minnesota, I’ve joined a pro-life clinic. The AALFA Family Clinic at 4465 White Bear Parkway, White Bear Lake, MN  55110,  Ph: 651-653-0062 is where I now practice OB/GYN. The doctors at AALFA Family Clinic decided to take a chance on adding an OB/GYN doctor to their mix, and now I’m here.

I heard about the clinic from a patient at my church. I looked it up and sent a letter describing my background and worldview. Shortly thereafter, I received a phone call which ultimately led to my association with these wonderful doctors. God’s choice to bless me and my family in this way humbles me. I feel so inadequate and sinful, not deserving of such a blessing as this.

God called me to a medical career and pointed me to OB/GYN. I’ve lived on the cusp of the abortion debate since medical school and residency, an activity from which I’ve never backed away. I’ve taken my oath, the Oath of Hippocrates, seriously and sacredly since graduation from medical school.

You might think I would be more valuable in a totally secular clinic in which more abortion-minded woman would present themselves. But that just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t take long before the abortion-minded women automatically get routed to the abortion-minded doctors, leaving me out of the loop.

But now, I can provide pro-life women a safe place; a place where an older pregnant woman is offered congratulations instead of an immediate, “Do you want to keep the baby,” comment; a place where joy meets a pregnant woman having her sixth or seventh baby instead of a frown and a not-so-subtle scold; a place where pregnant woman are not told that prenatal genetic screening is “just routine” and are instead told that most babies with disabilities found by genetic testing end up in the abortuary; a place where a pregnant woman’s faith is honored; and a place where prayer occurs without shame.

So that’s where I am. In a pro-life clinic. Who knew?

Matt Anderson

6 Responses to “A Pro-Life Clinic. Who Knew?”

  1. MDViews said

    Aw, shucks. I’m blushing!

    You are kind to say that. I pray God grants you a safe and healthy pregnancy and a safe birth for you and your little one!

    Matt A.

  2. Lisa said

    This is awesome news! Makes me wish we were still in MN so you can take care of me and this third little one due soon! Blessings to you!

  3. MDViews said

    You are welcome to see me at the AALFA Family Clinic! Good to here from you.

    Matt Anderson

  4. Marirose said

    Thanks. I’m glad to know where you are. I haven’t found a new doctor yet.

  5. MDViews said

    Marirose, Glad to hear your baby is thriving! Matt A.

  6. Marirose said

    Praise God. That is wonderful. Thank you for all you did for me. Our beautiful baby is thriving!


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