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Wrongful Life–A frightening concept

Posted by MDViews on August 15, 2009

It seems Great Britain is determined to catch up in two areas–medical malpractice and the concept of wrongful life.

The US leads the world in medical malpractice lawsuits because of our contingency fee system. The contingency fee system means the lawyer gets a percentage, usually a high percentage, of the winnings. Thus, it pays to sue if you win and especially pays to sue if you win big. I think, don’t know for sure, but think we are the only country which has such a system. In other countries, lawyers are paid for the work they do, not on the outcome of the trial. Thus, lawsuits are much less frequent.

But it seems a woman in Great Britain is bucking the trend and is suing for “wrongful birth” (wrongful life is another term that means the same thing). Her baby was born 5 years ago with a disability. Had she known, she contends, she would have aborted.  You can read about it here.

How would you feel to know that your mother wanted you dead? Or, at least wanted you dead as an unborn baby? I think I’d be glad I slipped past the abortionist’s suction curette and made it into the world alive. Then, I’d want to leave home as soon as I was able. How do you live with someone you know would have killed you if they knew you were…just you! Warts and all. Disabilities and all. Would you have to apologize to your own mother for your existence?

I object fundamentally to the whole concept of  “wrongful life”. (Lawyers sue all the time for “wrongful death.”) I believe life is a gift from God, a gift to be cherished, loved and nutured. We are made in God’s image! Think of that! No other being carries the image of God. What a privilege it is. The Bible says nothing about the disabled being less of God’s image. So to see your own child, made in God’s image, as a wrongful life just sends chills up my spine.

I pray she will drop her suit and love her child unconditionally.

Matt Anderson

3 Responses to “Wrongful Life–A frightening concept”

  1. Andy Moore said

    Very pleased to have found your blog Matt. Peter Singer’s proposition is satanic, however not that far from some of the other more mainline anti-life extremists. Sounds like he’s building on some of Thomas Malthus’ ideas – which, worryingly, are also favoured by Obama’s new science advisor.

  2. MDViews said

    Yes, very. I wonder how long it will be before Peter Singer’s (ethicist from Princeton University) idea gains traction. He thinks killing a disabled child in the first year of life should be an option. The parents should not be burdened with such a child, according to him, and the killing of such a child should not be a crime, but be allowed under the law.

    Matt Anderson
    PS I remain amazed that I would get comments from New Zealand (half way around the world and in the southern hemisphere!) on my blog. The internet truly is amazing. Thank you for commenting. I’ll have to try the toilet paper roll thing.

  3. Andy Moore said

    “wrongful life” – sounds very 1984, a terrible concept.

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