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Call for One-Child Policy in Australia

Posted by MDViews on June 9, 2009

Once again, the people-are-the-problem groups are campaigning to make already sparsely populated Australia even more sparsely populated.

LifeSiteNews documents their folly here and here.

Environmentalism, the religion of the left, demands it.  Mother Earth represents God, and Earth Day symbolizes Christmas and Easter rolled into one. Prophet Al Gore writes canonical books for them. Universities and public schools serve as houses of worship where the young receive their indoctrination, huh…education. Vestments consists of colored ribbons worn on the lapel announcing solidarity with the newest fad. Symbols of evil include the American flag, the US soldier, any SUV and any home in the suburbs. They evangelize, but prefer control through government-mandated teaching and the EPA regulations to control our children, our property, our cars, our roads, our toilets and even our livelihoods. They haven’t yet devised a way to control our family size in the US.

So, as Europe and Russia see their cultures disappearing into Eurabia from the birth-dearth and immigration, Australia pushes to join them.

How different the Biblical view of children and family! God bless those whose quiver is full!

3 Responses to “Call for One-Child Policy in Australia”

  1. BBjam said

    I think your criticism of environmentalism is a bit heavy-handed, after all God did not give us this earth to destroy it.
    However I do agree that saving the earth be killing the people is just about as dumb as peace through nuclear war ie. if we are all dead, we can’t fight 🙂

  2. MDViews said

    Thanks, Abigail. I read it and was thinking of commenting on it, but I’m not sure how accurate the technology. If it is as accurate as alleged, sex-selection abortion will be more common. The New Zealanders expessed angst when they realized abortion for the “health” of the mother meant totally unrestricted abortion, so they would be unable to stop sex selection abortion. The pregnant woman would only have to say, “This pregnancy stresses me,” or “This pregnancy is causing me pain,” and the doctor would have to abort the baby.

    Oh, dear.

    How about angst for any baby lost to abortion?


  3. abigailsleftovers said

    That’s not all that’s happening in Australia. Check out this article about early gender detection and its relation to abortion:

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