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Separating Life and Death

Posted by MDViews on June 5, 2009

Here is an article I submitted to WORLD magazine regarding OB/GYN physicians, rights of conscience and the Hippocratic Registry of Physicians on which I’ve posted before. They graciously decided to publish it.

So, here I am on a Friday night, pizza night at our house, surrounded by life; children and their spouses, numerous grandchildren, nieces, sister-in-law; enjoying the glory and warmth of love and life and family. All the while the culture of death marches on. 4,000 unborn lost their lives today in the US. 4,000 women now carry the wounds of the tearing of that life from her womb. Many aged passed across the river to eternity today, some, unfortunately helped by misguided physicians who judged their sick life to be no longer worth living. Somewhere tonight, a woman in an ER hemorrhages from an abortion done earlier while her “hero of woman’s rights” who performed her abortion deposits the money she paid into his bank account and goes out on the town, unavailable to help her now.

Life is always bitter-sweet, eternally significant, joyfully sorrowful; and today is no exception.

In the joy of the weekend, the relaxation of time off, the refreshment of vacation, the rejuvenation of renewed relationships; remember, always remember, the weak, the helpless, the lost and the battle we face, with God as our help, to save them.

Thanks for reading.

Matt Anderson

8 Responses to “Separating Life and Death”

  1. Bless you, bless you, bless you! I read your article and then found this link. I pray that there will be a revival and spiritual awakening to the glory of life – given by our one true God and Savior Jesus Christ. Bless you for speaking out in a culture that throws children away like garbage and devalues life. Bless you for your courage to speak out! Carol J. Van Drie

  2. MDViews said

    Please do. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Pharmer said

    What the world needs is more pro life Ob-Gyns. Thanks for contributing that article.

    I’d like to link it up if you don’t mind.

  4. MDViews said

    I just opened my blog and found the above comment/question. I checked his/her web site and found someone who 1) has their own personal religion 2) advocates violence against pro-life folks as payback for violence against abortionists/pro-abortion folks 3) has a world view that is filled with hate against…well, apparently a long list. I pray for his/her soul.
    I’m not going to respond other than to say violence against abortionists is not mainstream pro-life thought and to re-iterate my strong stand against the murder of Mr. Tiller and other abortionists, something I have made clear in other posts.
    In our advocacy for life, we oppose satan himself. Praise God for His sovereignty and our confidence in our ultimate salvation.

  5. Is anti-abortion violence terrorism?


  6. MDViews said

    Thank you all for your comments and kind words. I pray that all our efforts will bring glory to God.


  7. abigailsleftovers said

    Congrats on your article Dad! Great job!!! (And thanks for the pizza last night too 🙂


  8. Sarah said

    Weighty post and article. Thank you. Anthony and I will be interested to hear about the development of the Registry.

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