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A Victory at the UN Commission on Population and Development

Posted by MDViews on April 5, 2009

WORLD magazine has this article regarding the UN Commission on Population and Development’s recent session. This commission attempted to direct countries to provide “reproductive services” (read: abortion and birth control) as a fundamental right. In addition, they tried to sneak in language calling for worldwide legalization of same-sex marriage, abortion, prostitution, and for explicit sex education for young children. WORLD Magazine states,

The session’s final document contains language that calls on governments to provide young people with “comprehensive education on human sexuality,” adding, “reproductive health and reproductive rights embrace certain human rights.” It urges countries-where abortion is not against the law-to “train and equip health-service providers and . . . take other measures to ensure that such abortion is safe and accessible.”

The organization called Family Watch International led the charge against the United States and other abortion-minded countries. Of interest, some European countries complained about their declining populations and Japan “joined them in recognizing the disadvantages of a rapidly declining population.” Hmm…Let’s see. You kill your young and wonder why there are not enough young. I am missing something here?

When I think of world meetings of this sort, I imagine international dignitaries in native dress with aids in tow, reams of statements and statistics, rooms with cogent, elegant arguments and everyone thoroughly informed of the documents on which action is taken, but the agenda set and minds generally made up before the meeting.

I read the account on the Family Watch International web site. I…was…inspired! Sharon Slator is president of this organization and logged this account.

As I summarized in a previous report, members of our Family Watch team uncovered a ploy to trick UN delegates into endorsing a document entitled the “International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights.” Among other things, this awful document calls for worldwide legalization of same-sex marriage, abortion, prostitution, and for explicit sex education for young children…. It is one of the most anti-family documents ever circulated at a UN meeting.

Even though UN delegates had agreed not to open the document up for any changes, with the help of my foster son, Luis, who is from Mozambique, and the rest of our Family Watch UN team, we were able to get the attention of the African delegates charged with negotiating the text. They were outraged when we showed them direct quotes from the very document they were about to “take note” of. As a result, they demanded the reference be removed.
Thank you to all of you who called the White House and the U.S. mission to express your outrage that the U.S. was endorsing this document. I am disappointed to report that the U.S. did not reverse its position, so we owe our success not to the U.S. but to the African delegates who helped us remove it.

So, this woman who is president of Family Watch International took her adopted son (probably black, from Mozambique) with her to the UN. He helped her get the attention of the African delegation. They were able to point out the proposed changes which were anti-family. The African delegation then got the language removed. What a story!

I have two comments to make.

First, it takes work, forethought and planning to educate, argue and persuade. Such efforts are not always rewarded, but in this case, they were. Certainly, without work, forethought and planning, the result would have likely been different. I think that applies where ever you are-not just at the UN! Knowing good, concise, effective and persuasive arguments for why you believe in life, why you stand for the family, why homosexuality is wrong and destructive and anti-family and any other issue important to life and family is our duty! We can’t slack on this. Thank God for His providence in this situation and thank God for these people at Family Watch International committed to this cause.

Second, I have to say I almost wrote that it takes some luck on occasion to get your point across. Well, I don’t believe in luck. All things in life are ultimately God’s providence. He decides. He controls. He provides. He gives life and takes it away. He is the I AM. To Him be glory in this victory.

So what about you, dear reader? Are you uncomfortable when you here several people at work making some statement against life, but just don’t know how to respond? I would recommend Randy Alcorn’s book, Prolife Answers to Proabortion Arguments. It is a quick and effective read and will prepare you to stand for life in the public square, with friends and with family.

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