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The Continued Push to Kill the Old

Posted by MDViews on January 7, 2009

I’ve posted on this topic before and I hate to be redundant, but more news comes out of the UK regarding the push for euthanasia.

It seems that a prominent ethicist and politician, Baroness Warnock, who last year said people with dementia had a duty to die, has now said that doctors who refuse to help terminally ill patients kill themselves are “genuinely wicked”.

Oh my. Genuinely wicked.

This fits with what I and others have said about social evil, whether that evil be abortion, euthanasia, perverted sexuality, acquittal of guilty, welfare (wealth without work), racism (special preference based on race) or sexism (special preference based on sex). Those who practice these evil deeds are never happy with permission. They want acceptance, moral agreement and participation. Thus, what follows is part of my previous comment.

The flip side of this [abortion] coin, euthanasia, will soon be faced by internists, family doctors and geriatricians dealing with end-of-life issues. Washington state has now passed the 2nd euthanasia law in the country. Other states will soon follow. Will there soon be a Roe v. Wade case for euthanasia winding its way through the legal system? Don’t be dazzled, dear reader, by such categories as active, passive, volutary or involuntary. Was the patient alive, and now dead? Did your act as a physician in some way contribute to that? Then it is euthanasia. The Dutch started with euthanasia with strict controls, but now admit it is actively practiced and most doctors who kill just falsify the death record to “avoid the red tape”. Voluntary always leads to involuntary and passive always leads to active.

Those who practice sin are never happy just to have permission. They want acceptance, moral agreement and participation. If euthanasia is now “allowed”, how long before it is required? Then, how long before medical students will no longer be admitted to medical school unless they sign a statement that they agree with participation in euthanasia? Should euthanasia become a requirement, we crusty old pro-lifers will raise a stink and a squeal, but the death industry has the press (main-stream media)  in its pocket. If pro-death crowd can stop pro-life students from being admitted to medical school, the outcry will soon fade.

So, dear reader, when you are old and infirm, pray that the fee you pay your doctor for medical care is more than the fee someone gives him to end your life. Otherwise, you could be ushed out of this life at the whim of the one with the most money and the most power.

The tide continues to turn. Help us, dear reader, however you can to stem this rising tide.

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