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Renegade Catholic hospital under fire

Posted by MDViews on January 7, 2009

A Catholic hospital in London Ontario has been performing late abortions on severely handicapped babies for the last 20 years. Will this renegade hospital mend its ways? I hope so. I hope so.

5 Responses to “Renegade Catholic hospital under fire”

  1. abigail said

    ahh, well that’s good at least.

  2. MDViews said

    Well, they have. The article I sited states that the Rev. Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro, the Rome Director of Human Life International and a Doctor of Dogmatic Theology (the Vatican) issued a statement saying the hospital was doing wrong. So, I imagine the hospital is working on that right now. Of course, I don’t know the government of that hospital, whether it is run by a board of director, the diocese or what. But, based on what I read in that article, whoever runs the hospital better fix it because the Vatican is unhappy with them!

  3. abigail said

    Why doesn’t the pope or the bishop in the area or someone from the Catholic church condemn this hospital and this practice? Couldn’t they say, “this hospital is no longer part of the Catholic community.” Has this already been done or do they not do that sort of thing?

  4. MDViews said

    I surmise the Catholic church in North America must be quite different from the Catholic church in other countries. Obviously, the Pope, infallible spiritual leader of the Catholic church, consistently speaks against abortion and birth control. And, I occasionally run into every day Catholics are pro-life, but very few who have a large family and even fewer who eschew birth control. I am much more likely to see a conservative Christian evangelical who uses no birth control and has a large family.

    I’ve had much contact with Birthright, a mostly Catholic crisis pregnancy center organization. When working with the international board, I was the only political conservative of the bunch. We met in Toronto where Birthright started. Only two of us were from the US. They all followed every liberal position I could think of politically–except they were pro-life.

    So, my guess is that, as a group, many Catholics are so politically liberal, that being pro-life isn’t that important, since that’s the enemies position, regardless the view of the church.

    Thus, stretching the limits of abortion in a Catholic hospital.

  5. This type of thing just spreads confusion in the minds of people. The Catholic Church condemns abortion but then you have a catholic hospital doing abortions. It just doesn’t make any sense. There must be someone in the hierarchy within the hospital system who is allowing this to go on. They need to be replaced with someone who is willing to run the hospital as it’s founder intended.

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