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Canada’s Highest Civilian Award Rejected by Prolife Priests

Posted by MDViews on January 3, 2009

This article is a breath of fresh air. I have been critical of the Roman church in the U.S. and Canada for their seeming laissez-faire attitude regarding abortion. I have also been critical of evangelicals, especially their leadership for supporting a pro-abortion candidate. But from Canada comes this story on

It seems the Canadians give an award called the Order of Canada each year. This is the highest civilian award given in Canada. In the past, two Catholic priests received the award, one for his work as a missionary and the other for his work with war refugees.

Enter Henry Morgentaler, the Jewish Canadian family practitioner turned hard-core abortionist who lobbied for abortion in Canada and was instrumental in making abortion legal and a covered service by their national health plan.

He got the award this year. He was cited with all the usual pro-abortion euphemisms, none actually saying out loud what he had done, which was to make himself rich by making abortion legal in Canada paid by the national health plan. Instead, they said things like he had a  “a major impact on Canadian public policy” and that he put himself ” at risk in his determined drive to increase health-care options for Canadian women.”

I know some about Henry Morgentaler by reading and by listening to John Patrick, MD, a fellow Canadian physician who has debated Mr. Morgantaler. Mr. Morgantaler is a German Jew who was imprisoned by the Nazis in WW2. He escaped, but nearly all his family was gassed and burned. Existentialism now defines him, in that he views all life as absurd, that life has no ultimate meaning. Therefore, any activity that increases ones happiness is moral. The individual defines good and evil, right and wrong. Since abortion may get a woman out of a tight spot and increase her happiness (I disagree with that assessment, of course), and since the fetus has no input, abortion is a moral activity.

God’s revelation of Himself in His word governs those of us who call ourselves Christ’s disciples. Hebrews 9:27 states, “…it is appointed for man once to die, and then comes judgment”, a judgment that will not look kindly on wanton destruction of human life created by God in His own image!

Well, this Order of Canada award has lost some standing in the eyes of the Catholic priests who previously received the award, among others. They have returned their Order of Canada awards.

Good for them!

3 Responses to “Canada’s Highest Civilian Award Rejected by Prolife Priests”

  1. Abigail said


    By “abortion violence” do you mean the violence inflicted on babies’ by abortion? Or, violence against abortionists?

    I will assume the former, since the latter was covered, and say that I think churches (catholic and evangelic) should be much more vocal about their opposition to pro-abortion politicians. The catholic church can excommunicate people. They should do this more. I can think of quite a few politicians off-hand that this would apply to.

    As for evangelicals (I fall here), I think pastors should be willing to say, from the pulpit, that abortion is evil and wrong and no one should ever ever vote for a pro-abortion candidate. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I think it’s a very small thing to ask when you look at the huge-ness of the crisis. Babies dying every day. The weakest in society being slaughtered at the hands of the strongest. Horrible discrimination against babies with downs syndrome and a disproportionate number of black babies being aborted.

    So, I think we should be encouraging our religious leaders to take a bolder stand. It isn’t enough to write papal papers or vote pro-life privately. We should be vocal and we should ask our leaders to take strong, public, shame-inducing stands against the visible supporters of abortion.

  2. MDViews said

    That’s a very good question, one that deserves an answer.

    In 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972, state after state rejected legalizing abortion on demand. Then, in 1973, the Supreme Court, in the “pnumbras and shadows” of the 14th admendment, determined that abortion was a right that could not be restricted. They said in their ruling that they were responding the prevailing opinion on abortion.

    They lied. The prevailing opinion was one of repeated rejection in state after state. Perhaps legal abortion was the prevailing opinion in their beltway circle of friends, but not the country as a whole.

    As a result, prolife people were denied democracy on one of the most important decisions regarding humankind–the right to life, that God-given, God-breathed miracle.

    So, they took to the streets, rioted, overthrew the government, murdered the Supreme Court justices and forced the right to life issue back to the voters to decide. No, wait. That’s not what they did. Because those who are prolife are law-abiding, salt-of-the-earth, tax-paying, church-going, Christ-exalting citizens. Almost all prolife people are people of faith.

    They immediately went to work to vote in prolife presidents and legislators in order to change the make-up of the Supreme Court. Jimmy Carter (a terrible president) was prolife. Ronald Reagan was prolife. George H. W. Bush was prolife. For 19 years after Roe v. Wade, only prolife presidents were elected. No abortion clinic workers died. In the 1992 case of Casey v. Pennsylvania, the court had the chance to stike down Roe. They did not.

    Unfortunately, in every movement, there are those who take the law into there own hands and resort to terror tactics. (aka, the environmental groups, PETA, the anti-war groups, the anti-big corporation groups) In the prolife groups, there have been a few who have inflicted harm on clinic workers. Seven abortion clinic workers have been killed as a result of prolife people.

    Some clinics have been bombed and burned. There is good evidence in some of these cases that the perpetrators were the abortion clinic owners themselves in order gin up sympathy and raise money.

    I do not excuse those prolife folks who have been violent against abortion clinics and abortion clinic workers.

    But, the 36 years following Roe, I believe, have proven the prolife movement to be peaceful, law-abiding and restrained against this evil of abortion. (Let’s see, 53,000,000 to 7 at last count.)

    Don’t buy into the lies that prolife people are violent. We are not.

    Have you ever wondered why so few doctors now are willing to become abortionists? It’s becoming a big problem. They actively recruit now. Many abortionist are retiring. Because of the legal, non-violent protests of prolife citizens. When an abortionist wakes up to twenty people on his or her sidewalk with signs asking the abortions stop, how do you think that sits with the neighbors? Or the relatives? Or the TV cameras and the 6:00pm news?

    I could go on. I pray that you will have a better understanding of the wonderful people who drive this cause of life.

  3. Joe said

    What would you like to see the Catholic Church and the other churches do to try to stop abortion violence?

    I am concerned too and wish they would go all out to try to end this evil.

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