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Sex selection abortion and its ugly consequences

Posted by MDViews on January 1, 2009

No sooner had I posted below on AIDS in India, India is again in the news, this time regarding sex selection abortion. Because India and many Asian countries value a boy baby over a girl baby, couples now find out the sex of the unborn child and then undergo a second trimester abortion if the baby is a girl. In some parts of China, as the article states, there are now 150 boys born to every 100 girls. Similar disparities now exist in India. This logical extension of abortion-on-demand which stems from a utilitarian ethic considering all life to be absurd troubles some of the pro-aborts. (I’m surprised any of them are troubled–about anything to do with abortion!)

As a result, India has tried to limit sex-selection abortion because they can look ahead and see the disasterous problems they will face as a country. But to do this, they have had to use words like ‘fetocide’ and ‘gendercide’. They liken it to “murder” and “personify the fetus.” This type of language cannot be tolerated lest “reproductive rights” be curtailed.

So, a pro-abort group is lobbying for a halt to the practice of trying to restrict sex-selection abortion because it could lead to abortion in general being restricted. They contend the imbalance of the sexes is no big deal.

Right. No big deal.

This is tragedy upon tragedy. The push for abortion everywhere and now sex selection abortion ignores the obvious problem of millions of men with no wives, no women, no one to civilize them to become productive citizens, as women often do. It condemns more human unborn babies (mostly girls) to certain death.

I pray we keep our national defense strong. We will need it in less than a generation.

2 Responses to “Sex selection abortion and its ugly consequences”

  1. Larry Anderson said

    Abortion for sex selection. Ouch! With the development of new test for genetic anomolies, the number of abortions of babies with Down syndrome have skyrocketed. Around 95% of the couples who have a baby diagnosed with Downs choose to abort. This is the worst type of discrimination.

  2. Joe said

    The more years I live the more I become convinced that the abortionist movement is utterly morally bankrupt, utterly without conscience and utterly inhuman.

    We must do everything that we can in the years ahead to defeat this evil movement and end the threat to human life that they represent.

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