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China Restricts Abortion…er, Sort of

Posted by MDViews on December 18, 2008

In a news story in the UK Telegraph on 1-8-05 with the headline, Shortage of Girls Forces China to Criminalise Selective Abortion, the following is reported:

The Chinese government is to make the selective abortion of female foetuses a criminal offence and will ban parents from obtaining ultrasound scans to discover their unborn baby’s sex, in an attempt to tackle an unwanted side-effect of its “one-child” policy.
It has set up a commission to draft changes to the criminal law aimed at closing the widening gap between the number of boys and girls in the country. According to the most recent official figures, 119 boys are born in China for every 100 girls, largely because parents abort baby girls to try for a boy.

In 2001, the ratio of boys to girls in China was 117 to 100 as reported here.

Forced abortion…the brutality of it just chills the soul and leaves one cold. Imagine looking at your new baby and realizing that there would be no more, or even the hope for more. Imagine you and your wife with one child already, now forced to go underground if pregnant again, hiding in fear, hoping no one will notice the enlarging abdomen. Imagine the anguish of being turned in at 7 months with an illegal pregnancy and then being marched to the abortion clinic for a late term killing session of…your unborn child.

It’s hard for me to understand (as it is, I think, for many in the west) the chinese culture . Based on the value it places on boy babies and the worthlessness of a single girl baby, couples will act on an ultrasound finding of a girl and abort it quickly before it can be born, or even kill it quietly at the time of birth. Then, freed of this single girl burden around their neck, they are free to try again for a desired male child.

This is evil, pure and unvarnished. Satan must view abortion as one of his best lies.

It reminds me a bit of C.S. Lewis’ book, That Hideous Strength, in which the consumate evil of the day is promulgated not through warring barbarians, brutal slave masters or any number of traditional monsters or “bad guys” that we would traditionally visualize in our minds. But rather, the worst evils in society (and abortion is probably the best example) are debated in great halls of learning, legislated in impressive governmental buildings and enacted by nameless beaurocrats in sterile, tidy and efficient offices. And so it is with abortion, legal in these United States since 1973, when our own Supreme Court, from their oak and marble halls, rendered the decision legalizing abortion and leading to the deaths of–how many?–forty million now and counting? How prescient the writing of that great Christian!

But, I’m sure you already knew all that, dear friend. So, to my point which is this: the pro-abortion position leads to incomprehensible, schizophrenic, illogical, senseless laws and rules that define evil down, if that’s possible.

Why is it now soon to be illegal in China to abort a girl but not a boy? Why is it acceptable to abort boys and girls equally? How can abortion, free and legal, be fine at any time–unless you know the sex? Is sex a disease, a birth defect, a genetic abnormality, an inborn error of metabolism? And why choose just on sex? Why not height, weight, potential intelligence, political affiliation, hair color or religion? The possibilities are endless. Adolf H. would be proud.

So now, since China will soon restrict late term abortion of female “foetuses”, we will be, in these United States, in the enviable position of having a more liberal, less restrictive abortion policy than China.

Any one else feel nauseated?

One Response to “China Restricts Abortion…er, Sort of”

  1. Abigail said

    Wow, what a strange and perverse law. I almost can’t wrap my head around the kind of logic that says, you can only abort a baby if you are an equal-opportunity aborter. No discrimination in abortion. What a concession for the pro-aborts to admit that the babies are actually a boy or girl, not just tissue. I guess in China (and often here) they’ve ceased to argue that the unborn baby isn’t a baby. They just accept it, and, by the way, equal rights for those being aborted. How completely bazaar.

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