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Are Catholic Hospitals in North America Prolife? One wonders…

Posted by MDViews on December 16, 2008

As I posted earlier regarding the shame of the National Association of Evangelicals, I can now add a rousing “Here! Here!” from the Catholic Hospital Association. Their head came our with a statement applauding the selection of Tom Dashle for Secretary of HHS and of Mr. Dashle’s hand-picked Planned Parenthood deputy. Both are strongly pro-abortion.

The Catholic bishops are in a bit of a tizzy as pro-abortion people in power in government could lead to Catholic hospitals being forced to do abortions, which runs counter to the rest of the Catholic world and against the word of the pope on this topic. I doubt they expected this praise for the potential destroyer of all that makes a Catholic hospital Catholic!

How far down we’ve fallen!

I would look for the boards of these many Catholic hospitals to suddenly find a merger with a nearby health care system in their best interest, but, they will say, not because of this abortion thing. Oh, but a cost of merging, they will say, will involve some minor policy changes to be more inclusive and tolerant. They won’t come out and say they will start doing abortions. But they will.

I pray that conservative pro-life Catholics will make their voices heard loud and clear to their priests, bishops and Catholic hospital CEO’s! Voices that will sound the call for a pro-life stand!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: As they say on those annoying, late-night infomercials, “But wait! There’s more!” This article also appeared documenting that a Catholic hospital in Canada is already doing 2nd trimester abortions!

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