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Back again

Posted by MDViews on November 16, 2008

After being absent for more than two years, I’ve returned to blogging.

I hope.

I suffer from depression and have for many years now. I never know how long I’ll feel well enough to do anything extra. Mostly, my life is work, family and church. Those activities take all my energy, and often more energy than I have. Depression is like that. It takes your drive, your energy, your motivation, your desires and leaves hopelessness, despair, fatigue and joylessness. When that happens, I find myself hunkering down to do what I must, and only what I must. Blogging is an activity that takes energy I don’t usually have.

In fact, I have about ten posts in my “drafts” list that I’ve started and not finished.

These last two weeks, God has granted me a burst of energy, motivation and drive. I’m just thankful for it. I know from experience it probably won’t last, but I’m reveling in each and every minute.

Now, one of my beautiful, intelligent daughters has her own blog at So the blogging thought is back in my head and I’ve decided to give it a try again.

What was it I heard the other day? Blogging. Never have so many, written so much, said so little, read by so few.

Truly, my blog is in that category. Few have been here. Fewer have read. I’ve no delusions of acquiring an audience.

But I’m back now. I hope to post next on the right of conscience. It’s a big deal in OB/GYN right now and may be for everyone before long.

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