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ProLife and Sweet Polly Purebred

Posted by MDViews on August 24, 2007

You can see it coming, like the locomotive bearing down on Sweet Polly Purebred (sorry–Nell. Sweet Polly Purebred was on Underdog as I’ve been corrected. I knew I should have paid more attention to Saturday morning cartoons!) of “Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties” cartoon fame. It’s picking up speed and the pro-life community is tied to the tracks.

What would this locomotive be, about to rend asunder the pro-life movement?

Well, in a word, the nomination of a pro-abortion or marginally pro-life Republican for president.

Should that happen, the pro-life community would have no where to go, save a third party, should one form. Some would say, better to vote for a conservative in other ways who is pro-abortion, than a liberal in all ways who is pro-abortion. And that argument makes some sense to many. Many conservatives would vote that way even if it left a very bad taste in their mouths.

Should that happen we would hear arguments like, “Don’t be a one-issue voter!” Such a position, we would be told, is naïve, immature, narrow-minded, and not pragmatic. We would be told that if we were to stay home from the polls or vote for a sure-to-lose pro-life candidate, then we would surely put Hillary or Obama in the White House.

Can one issue be so important that it would totally sway one’s vote? Yes! I would not vote for a convicted murderer, a wife beater, an embezzler, a drinking alcoholic, one who fathers and abandons a child. The list could go on and on. Everyone is a one issue voter in many circumstances. It just depends on the issue. In my mind, a candidate who would agree with the pro-death people and possibly appoint judges who would share those views is not fit for office and I, for one, would not vote for such a person.

Who would these Republican candidates be?

Well, Giuliani for one. No question about that.

But what about those so desperate for the nomination that they would say anything, change any position, to win the prize?

I’m thinking of Romney who was as pro-choice as Teddy Kennedy when he was trying to win the Senate seat in Massachusetts. If he were to win the nomination, how long would it take him to “move to the center”, (translated: become pro-choice to try and win the presidency) one second? Maybe two? He would be hailed in the mainstream media (MSM) as “pragmatic”, “bold”, “a rebel in the party”, “brave” rather than the true descriptions of him and his character which would be opportunistic, unprincipled, dishonest and a liar. Some may disagree with me on Romney and say his conversion to the pro-life position is genuine. It just looks to convenient for me to believe it to be real.

John McCain, who has a long history of being pro-life, would, in my judgment, fold like a cheap suit and become pro-choice were he to win the nomination. He almost joined John Kerry as the VP Democrat standard bearer in 2004, which would have required such a switch. He led the charge of the “gang of fourteen” in the Senate who thwarted the nomination of several strongly pro-life candidates. He championed “campaign finance reform”, a euphemism for silencing conservative and pro-life groups from exposing candidate duplicity prior to an election.

I hope the primary process will see these three candidates fall by the way side. Life is that important.

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