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Frightening news for the pro-aborts

Posted by MDViews on August 23, 2007

Not another one.

On April 25, 2007 in a New Jersey hospital, a 25 week old baby was delivered by cesarean section, weighing in at 11oz, only 10 inches long. The baby girl was delivered because she had quit growing and her mother’s kidneys were failing. Mom has since recovered and little baby Tamara is now 4lbs 8oz and is ready to go home. The article stated she was going home “without complications”. The March of Dimes (MOD)* spokeswoman said it was “rare” for a baby her size to survive and go home without complications.

Every time a story like this hits the newswire, I imagine the pro-aborts curse and gnash their teeth. How can Dr. Tiller be granting women “choice”, if an 11 ounce baby survives and thrives? How can any self-respecting university or big city abortion service continue to offer 24 week abortions? Where does this leave the so-called D&X abortion, better known as partial birth abortion if babies that size can truly survive outside the womb? How do the women working the abortuareums process this information? Employees of abortion clinics are not immune to this sort of thing. It’s hard enough to be in the “death business”, even for those strongly pro-abortion. Stories like this make it just that much harder. One would have to be hardened and calloused to normal life to read a story like this, and then go on salting out 24 week babies in the abortion chambers. That, or in incredible denial.

I pray that God will use this story, this story of a life He created, life He ordained, and use it to convict women who may be considering a 2nd trimester abortion. Also, that those working in the abortion business would see clearly what they are doing—ending the lives of children, children who would live and breathe, smile and coo, if given the chance. I pray for a crisis of belief in the hearts and minds of everyone involved in abortion, from those on the periphery, and those who actually work in the abortion chambers; receptionists, medical assistants, LPN’s, RN’s, ARNP’s and MD’s.

*Friday, January 14, 2005 March of Dimes…so, tell me again. How Do You “Prevent” Birth Defects?

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