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The Margaret Sanger legacy

Posted by MDViews on January 27, 2005

The Conservative News Service reports on Planned Parenthood’s latest financial report.

This is an excellent article that gives detailed information about PP and its finances.

In a nutshell, PP is in great shape–financially. $35+ million in profit last year alone. 35% of the money from abortion, up from 33% the year prior. Total number of abortions by PP as an organization continue to increase, even though the number of abortions nationwide are down slightly. That’s called “market share”. Seventeen clinics closed last year, “business decisions” according to the report. They just weren’t profitable, apparently.

The death business–its a money maker.

As an OBGYN physician, I am familiar with PP and its operation. I formerly worked in Burlington, IA and often had young women referred to me from PP for evaluation of gynecologic problems, mostly abnormal pap smears. From a gynecologic standpoint, PP provided adequate gynecologic care and our local PP did not perform abortions.

They received funding from the federal government, I think state government, and what patients could pay, based on an income sliding scale. In that regard they were quite accessible to woman of all economic strata.

But you had to be pro-abortion, and strongly so, to work there. One nurse of whom I know, went under PP auspices to obtain her ARNP degree. Her thinking was that better birth control would lessen abortion, so she was very much a “family planning” advocate. But she was opposed to abortion. Apparently, that fact was missed by the local PP before they helped fund her education. Toward the end of her training, she had to work in a clinic making abortion referrals, and wouldn’t do it. There were phone calls back and forth from Texas where she was training to Burlington from where part of her tuition originated.

My, oh, my.

The local PP wanted to immediately withdraw her funding. However, the agreement she had with them included nothing about abortion or her feelings about it. The training program wanted to fail her, but really couldn’t do that either, as her grades were excellent. She was able to finish the program, but under duress and only with the threat of lawsuits if they reneged on their agreement with her.

Their pro-abortion position was so ingrained and so much a part of the organization that it was unthinkable to them that such a person could progress as far as she did and not support abortion.

Another interesting tidbit about PP in Iowa. In Burlington, their major fund raiser of the year–elegant invitations sent to all the prominent citizens of the area–was a winter gathering where the draw was chocolate. They had every form of chocolate dessert imaginable. The name of the gathering dripped with irony. “Death by Chocolate”. How appropriate that an organization committed to death of the unborn would have a fund-raising moniker including the word “Death.”

They also had a book sale. Now, I never attended these gatherings, but somehow, I doubt that Randy Alcorn’s book, “ProLife Answers to ProAbortion Arguments” was included in the sale. Do you think?

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