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Morning-after Pill, or Mourning-after Pill

Posted by MDViews on January 16, 2005

Yahoo reports today that the morning-after pill is coming again for review regarding over-the-counter (OTC) approval.

This is a human pesticide.

Abortion may be viewed less favorably in the general public due to awareness of the gruesome partial birth abortion procedure. But this morning-after pill is flying under the radar because it has the label, “emergency contraception.”

Many pro-life people, myself included, are not opposed to contraception in general and the pill in particular. So when the moniker is “contraception”, it just doesn’t have the same impact. The pro-aborts argue that opposing the morning-after pill is opposing contraception and opposing a medicine that may prevent abortion. (Neither are true.)

The difference between the morning-after pill (MAP) and conventional birth control in theory and action is, I believe, quite different. The MAP is designed to interrupt a pregnancy already fertilized and prevent its implantation and growth. The birth control pill is designed to prevent ovulation and fertilization and therefore, does not destroy an already formed embryo. (The topic of “Does the pill cause abortion?” is for another post.)

So, I’m opposed to the MAP because I believe it causes early abortion. That reason is enough.

But there are other reasons to oppose this OTC use of this very powerful hormone.

First, some background. It consists of levonorgestrel 0.75 mg, two tablets to take. Levonorgestrel is a synthetic hormone which acts like progesterone, one of the female hormones that all women make. Levonorgestrel is one of the hormones in many conventional birth control pills and has been around a long time. It has been shown to be safe, as safe as the pill in general, but is not completely safe.

The progesterone part of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) added to the risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and breast cancer in menopausal women taking combination HRT. No one is sure why, and that information is only three or four years old. Does levonogestrel alone? Who knows?

If a young girl uses the MAP as directed and it doesn’t work, her baby has just been exposed to a high dose of a powerful hormone at the fertilized egg/blastocyst/embryo stage. Then what happens? Good question. We know that some synthetic progesterones that were used long ago to try to stop pre-term labor caused some masculinization of female babies. Could it lead to babies with handicaps? No one really knows.

Making this available OTC means anyone, male or female, young or old could buy it. I can think of no other synthetic sex hormones available over the counter. Hydrocortisone cream for itching is now available in a low dose–Cortaid–but that is not a sex hormone. How long before someone says that they took the hormone for PMS or menopause or just any reason at all and used it in a continuous fashion? And advocated others to do that? What is men start to take it? Or worse, pre-teens? What kind of new problems are we creating by this misguided proposal?

You can read FDA information on the MAP “Plan B” here.

Over-the-counter availability of this abortifacient should be opposed by all who value life.

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