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Just the beginning…

Posted by MDViews on January 3, 2005

Well, I expect that this will be a “blog” read by one person–me, in which case it would qualify as a journal. But a journal isn’t all that bad anyway. Self reflection in small doses is a good thing. If you are interested in what is here, you can expect comments about politics, medicine, faith and family.

One Response to “Just the beginning…”

  1. Lindsay J said

    I found your blog while I was on a website. I couldnt help but skim through your blogs as they were so uplifting to me. Its so nice to know that there are prolife obgyns who follow what they believe in and stand up for what they believe in. I have a close to 9 month old son with my fiance/boyfriend of 4 years. My son wasnt necessarily planned but alternative methods never ever crossed our minds. We are both 100 percent prolife and would never change that for any circumstances. I have talked all of my single girlfriends out of abortion and they are one hundred percent happy with their child(ren). Well it would be nice to have more of you in minnesota!

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